The Impossible Quiz – Are You Smart Enough?

Considering the fact that this awesome game which is called The Impossible Quiz was released in 2007, it must be already dead and forgotten but the fact is that hundreds of people still play it every day. Keep in mind that the initial version of the game was created using Flash Player and had rather poor graphics. Today, the developers moved to a new platform and the game is available for all platforms. The main question is – Is the game really so difficult or the developers just did a good marketing to make their game more popular? Well, I can tell you one thing – you can’t complete this quiz on your first try. Let me explain. When you hear about quiz, what comes to your mind ? A difficult questions where you have to do your best to remember some facts or make some math? The Impossible Quiz is absolutely different type of game. It is more funny than serious but why most people fail to complete it ?
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